Our Ruff-Rates

Daycare Drop-Off's - 6:30 AM to 8:30 AM
Pickups - 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Referrals: Please refer a friend to Alternative Dog! If your referred friend becomes a daycare customer we will provide you with one free day of care!   

Daycare Cancellation Policy: Less than 24 hours will be charged a full day fee.



Dog Daycare - Single Dog: PRICE INCREASE EFFECTIVE DECEMBER 1, 2017. This is only our second increase since opening doors in 2007, our last increase was in August of 2012.
1-2 days per week = $27.00 per day 
3-5 days per week = $23.00 per day 
1-2 days per week = $27.00 per day 
3-5 days per week = $23.00 per day 

Multi-dog families, please call for rates. 

Boarding & Over-Nights:  We offer over-night boarding for our Daycare Clients only. We do not offer boarding to the general public. We find this to be the safest way to board our furry friends. They will attend daycare all day with dogs they recognize and then sleep kenneled indoors (4'X5') at night. Supper will be fed at 6:00 PM with two Potty Trips outdoors before 12:00AM. Breakfast & Morning Potty Trip is at 6:30AM upon opening the Daycare.

Boarding is $38.00 per night. **A second dog is $30.00 per night.

Obedience Classes - Puppy, Teens, Adult & Clicker Class. . 

Please visit the Training page 

Pet Taxi Service/Doggie Wagon - To the Vet, Groomer or Elsewhere. Scheduling should be done in person or by phone 24 hours in advance.  Additional rate applies if we wait at Veterinary Clinic.

We are available to transport dogs to or from the Daycare.  Transportation is provided at a rate of $.50 Per Mile ($2.00 Minimum). Customers are welcome to leave a house key with us.

$.50 Per Mile


Nail Trim/Dremel / Ear Cleaning


Daycare Dog's - Massage or Brushing - 15 minutes


Grooming & Baths: Available to our Daycare clients only, appointment required.

Starting @ $25.00 and up.

Intergrated Energy Therapy (IET), Canine Reiki, Polarity, Tellington TTouch Massage: By Appointment

Please Call

American Red Cross - Pet First Aid Course:

Learn to provide first aid in a variety of pet emergencies. Participants will learn mouth to snout CPR in this training. Course teaches the students how to care for pets in a medical emergency.  Course Length: 3 Hours. 


Please Call


Please call 978-346-7266 if you require additional information on our rates & services.  

*Prepay or pay at pickup is required for all services*